New Colourways for the GBDH1000 Heart Rate Series

G-Shock is releasing two new sporty colourways for the GBDH1000 series with translucent “skeleton” style. 

The GBDH1000-1A4 has dark and smoky translucent bezel bumpers combined with orange accents, a copper IP stainless steel bezel, and a black band.

The GBDH1000-7A9 has clear translucent bezel bumpers combined with lime green accents, a silver stainless steel bezel, and white bands.

These are the first new models released since the debut of the GBDH1000 series that included four colourways. The GBDH1000 is currently G-Shock’s most advanced smartwatch, featuring a high-contrast MIP LCD display and fitness features for runners such as an optical heart rate monitor, step tracker, VO2 max measurement, and automatic training plan creation.


The GBDH1000-1A4 and GBDH1000-7A9 are now available to purchase on our website below.

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