New AW500 Reprising G-Shock's 1989 First-Ever Analogue-Digital Watch

G-Shock International announced today the AW-500E reprising the AW-500, the first G-SHOCK analogue-digital combination model, released in 1989. 

Inspired by the concept of an analogue-digital combination watch with permanent hands, the AW-500 was released in 1989 as a new experiment in G-SHOCK watches, which had always been digital and square-shaped since the first model was launched in 1983. An analogue-digital combination G-SHOCK model, this watch upended conventional notions that analog watches, with their hands, gears, and many other small parts, are vulnerable to impact by incorporating lighter, more shock-resistant parts.

The AW-500E reprises the AW-500 with a modern redesign based on the original drawings. In the original model, the axis of the hands was set slightly above the midpoint of the dial. In the long-awaited AW-500E, the hands are fully centered in the dial for a more refined look and distinct identity. The original color scheme of the AW-500 is retained with a black case accented by white index marks and minute hand, together with a red hour hand. The practicality has been enhanced with the addition of an EL light and battery life extended from three years to around seven years.

These models are expected for an early December release in New Zealand. 

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