DW6900SP-1 & DW6900SP-7 for 25th Anniversary

Along with the metal-covered GM-6900 series, G-Shock is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the DW-6900 with two more special editions in February: DW6900SP-1 and DW6900SP-7.

These models commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release of the DW-6900, with its distinctive three digital dials, back in 1995. These new anniversary models incorporate four special design elements.

- Semi-transparent resin case and band. 
- Light polarizing gradation deposition layer on the glass that changes color depending on the viewing angle. 
- Three digital dials, each with a different color LCD: blue, green, and pink. 
- Main display with a monogram design based on the number 25.

The packaging of these models also features hologram printing and color blocking for a look that reflects the designs of the watches. New G-SHOCK models that are great ways to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the DW-6900.


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