All New Carbon Mudmaster

G-Shock unveils all-new lineup of men's Master of G Mudmaster Timepieces with the new Carbon Core Guard Technology. 

Today, Casio G-SHOCK unveiled an all-new line up to its popular men’s MUDMASTER series. Part of G-SHOCK’s Master of G collection, the timepieces are geared towards those who work in the toughest of conditions and is best known for its mud-resistant technology. The three new GGB100 timepieces were created with an updated Carbon Core Guard Structure and triple-layered carbon-insert bezel, providing durability in a lightweight case.

The GGB100 is available in military themed colorways, black GGB100-1A, green GGB100-1A3, and orange GGB100-1A9. The new GGB100 models feature the MUDMASTER traditional cylindrical button structure, which is made to prevent debris from entering the watch, as well as a textured band and large buttons to ensure ease of use and high visibility. The new timepieces also boast a dual layered case back of thin stainless steel and fine resin to keep it airtight, resistant to shocks and provide a comfortable feel to wear from day to night.

The latest MUDMASTER's were designed with several new features, including location and activity-tracking technology. For example, as part of the timepiece’s Bluetooth® connectivity capabilities via the G-SHOCK Connected App, they come equipped with a special function within the app that provides a location indicator, mission log memory, location memory, step tracker, sunrise and sunset data and more. In addition, the timepiece's Quad sensors- compass, thermometer, altimeter/barometer, and step tracker - further enhance its capabilities.

A video was created to showcase the capabilities and features of the new timepiece; check it out below.